MEGA Nanodots

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New material, unusual kinetic effects

These aren’t the old-school glass marbles you remember. We’ve taken the age-old collectible sensation of marbles to all new heights (and strengths!) by infusing them with magnetism.

MEGA Nanodots can be clicked, tossed, and squished into an infinite number of forms. Construct a starship, shape it into desk art, invent a new game, and even test out the complex nature of Newtons cradle. 

MEGA Nanodots Colors Editions 


INTERNAL INJURY HAZARD. Contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can damage internal organs and have resulted in DEATH and SERIOUS INJURIES. Keep away from ALL children. Be aware of dropped or separated magnets. NEVER put near nose or mouth. Seek immediate medical attention if you think magnet(s) were swallowed or inhaled. (Ages 14+). 

MEGA in action:

What are they made of?

MEGA are made out of a ceramic form of pure iron, also known as ferrite. Each sphere is milled and polished for over 120 hours to create uniform, marble-sized magnet spheres. Colored versions are carefully coated in Titanium oxide (TiO) for a unique look.

They are made in a “body-centered cubic” configuration. This is the same crystal structure that gives steel its amazing strength and allows for iron to have its magnetic properties.

Are they addictive?