Getting Started

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nanodots. This is a great place to start if it's your first time building with Nanodots. 

Nanodots are precise magnet spheres used for exploring the invisible laws of atomic structure. Discover the unique geometry of how atoms hold together in groups, form solids and much more!

Here are 6 essential videos for getting started: 

1.) Basic Polarity

Nanodots Basic Polarity

2.) Zipper and Parallel Lines

 Nanodots Polarity

3.) Wrapping Technique


4.) Basic Surfaces 

Nanodots Basic Shapes

5.) Triangles

Nanodots Triangles

6.) Cubes

Nanodots Folding Technique 

Nanodots can be formed into incredible designs based on simple geometry. All creations start with base contractors made from simple shapes like triangles, pentagons and hexagons.

For more tutorials and creation ideas, head over to Build.