Original Nanodots Plated Series

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Designed to model atomic interactions at a human scale

Don’t be confused by their logic-defying magnetic properties, their eerily beautiful reflective surfaces or the weird (yet soothing) clicking sound they make. These aren’t your ordinary magnets. Nanodots are kick-ass take-no-prisoners, juiced-up super magnets.

Unlike today’s high-tech gadgets, Nanodots require no instructions and will never need an upgrade. Featuring no flashing lights, computer chips or batteries, these polished dots derive their allure from sheer magnetic force and human imagination. 

Featured Nanodots Creation

Nanodots are 5mm precision-crafted Rare Earth magnets design to be clicked, sculpted, and combined into an infinite number of shapes. 

Nanodots make a great gift for smart creative types, tinkerers and academics.  


  • Nanodots magnets 
  • Packaging that transforms into carrying case
  • Build instructions
  • Authentication serial code


INTERNAL INJURY HAZARD. Swallowed magnets can cause damage to internal organs and may result in serious injury or even death. Keep away from children and be aware of dropped or separated magnets. Never put near mouth or nose. Seek prompt medical attention if magnets have been swallowed or inhaled.

Packaging That Assembles into a portable canister:



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