Magnetic Field Viewer and Splitter Card Set

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Splitter cards enable you to split, carve, and see the hidden magnetic fields of your Nanodots creations. It’s a must-have tool for every builder!

The set includes three splitter cards with different functions and thicknesses, and each has a Nanodots quick-count tool.  

1: Magnetic Field Viewer card has a fine grid of micro pockets with iron filings that allow a user to see the invisible world of magnetic fields in Nanodots builds and everyday objects (like laptops, mobile phones, and speakers).

2: CLR splitter is used for the positioning and placement of Nanodots groups and clusters. Made with transparent PVC plastic of medium thickness.

3: ART splitter features unique artwork and is the thickest of the set. It is best used for the separation and chopping of Nanodot creations.


Want to see magnetic fields while on the go?  The Magnetic Field Viewer card can be attached to any standard keychain ring.